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We have years of experience of working within Scouting, having helps countless Beavers, Cubs & GUides to not only learn circus skills but also achieve their circus skills badge.
Over the past ten years we have visited groups in pretty much every county in England teaching skills that many will enjoying practising long after the day of the workshop.
From a weekly meeting taster session, to a series of sessions, a district circus day or half day, a group or district camp or larger international we have lots of experience of working within Scouting and have been recommended by the National Activities Team and featured in Scouting Magazine.
We taught and performed circus skills at Cumbaree ยด02, Sherwood International Camp 2003, Poacher 2004, Eurojam 2005, Chamboree 2006 & 2010, The Centenary World Scout Jamboree 2007 (IST area) and Charnwood 2011.
We are well know within Scouting and can provide full references.

We have tutors and performers in many areas and we also tour regularly, meaning that we can cut down on unnecessary travel expenses