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Special Needs

With vast experience in the special needs and disability fields I would like to consider our team as specialists in this important and rewarding area.
We aim to encourage all to achieve while having lots of fun and concentrate on both group and individual activities. Shaun, opur coordinator has worked with special needs people and disabled people both as a teacher and circus tutor and the emphasis will always be on inclusion and achievement.
We have worked with visually impaired and blind groups impairment groups, autistic groups, groups with Down´s Syndrome, children with severe physical disability and groups for adults and children with various forms of brain injuries.

Many activities have been adapted to suit ability and needs of the individual and it is vital to us that all are included and enjoy the experience.
We use our normal range of activities, some of which are adapted and have found particular success with added performance extras such as gigantic bubbles (visual and sensory) balancing with other people (communication and sensory) balloon modelling (sensory) passing balls (communication) glow juggling (visual and sensory).

We have worked with many relevant groups including Contact a Family- on many occasions, Henshaw´s in Harrogate, SONUS and can provide details to contact organisations for references.